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Ferienhaus Südschweden , Ferienhaus Smaland  , Ferienhäuser Smaland , Pippi Langstrumpf, Michel Lönneberga , 10 Personen , 12 Personen ,  15 Personen , 11 Personen , 14 Personen, 13 Personen


Holiday in Småland / Southsweden

Enjoy the nature of Sweden and forget all the supposed problems!

Holiday Houses "Timmergrind"

Max. 16 Persons   (9+5+2 Persons)

holyday house Mariannelund , Ferienhäuser Vimmerby , Ferienhaus Suedschweden , Karlsson vom Dach , Ronja Räubertochter , Pippi Langstrumpf , Michel Lönneberga  , Kinder von  Bollerbü , Emil Katthult , Michel Lönneberga, Astrid Lindgren

Ferienhaus Mariannelund , Ferienhaus Vimmerby , Ferienhaus Südschweden , Ferienhaus Smaland , Pippi Langstrumpf, Michel Lönneberga , Ferienhaus Schweden 10 Personen , Ferienhaus Schweden 12 Personen , Ferienhaus Schweden 15 Personen , Ferienhaus Südschweden , Ferienhaus Smaland 10 Personen , Ferienhaus Smaland 12 Personen , Ferienhaus Smaland 15 Personen , Ferienhaus Schweden Smaland


Mushroom and berry pickers can expect a rich yield in late summer and autumn. In addition to moose, other animals such as deer, foxes, rabbits and badgers can also be observed in the wild. If you don't spot moose, then there's still a visit to one of the nearby moose parks.

The holiday houses are about 17 km southwest of Mariannelund in the Småland highlands, which rise at about 150-200 m above sea level at Eksjö, Nässjö, Vetlanda and Sävsjö. The Timmergrind holiday homes consist of 2 houses and a large barn and can accommodate up to 16 people.

The houses can be rented together or individually.

The menu bar at the top and bottom of this page gives you a wealth of information about the houses and the surrounding landscape, including an occupancy plan and price list. Pictures of the interior of the houses can be found under the menu item Arrangement.

With an area of ​​29,330 km², Småland is the largest landscape in southern Sweden. With a population of almost 720,000 inhabitants, there is a population density of around 24 inhabitants per square kilometer. (For comparison: Germany has about 230 inhabitants per square kilometer.) Typical for Småland are the red wooden houses with white window frames. You are known to most people from the film adaptations of Astrid Lindgren's books (Pippi Långstrump, Emil from Lönneberga, The Children of Bullerbü, etc.). The places mentioned are only a few kilometers away from the holiday homes and are an unforgettable experience, especially for children, in addition to visiting "Astrid Lindgren's World" in Vimmerby.

Småland has around 5,000 lakes, some of which are in close proximity to the holiday homes. Swimming or fishing in idyllic places ensure rest and relaxation, as does a walk in the partly untouched forests in the area.






In In addition to the moose parks, you will find other places worth visiting in the menu bars under Ausflugsziele (only seen on German Main page). The distance information and the link to Google Maps should help for your planning.

Recommendation: You may get to your destination a little faster on the main roads, but on narrower and partly unpaved secondary roads you will get to know the true and original Småland from its most beautiful side.

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